Property Management in Roanoke, Texas

In the northeast quadrant of the Lone Star State lies a city built on six square miles. Over 8,000 people live there with 40 policemen looking out for them. They tend to be young people of about 38 years of age and make around $71,000 per year. They live in homes at an average price of $204,000 or in rentals at $1,254.

Roanoke TX lies just outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Fifteen miles separates it from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It’s 30 miles away from Dallas and 23 from Fort Worth. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get down to the fun part of this town.

Roanoke, Texas Details

History Of Oak Street

Once a cow town circa 1880 sporting two saloons and a water tank that’s still standing today, Oak Street was the heart of the town. Not much different today, visitors can tour the Rock Building which was once one of those saloons. Today’s Oak Street offers visitors museums and art galleries, shops and restaurants, the past and the future.

Things To See And Do

The first stop you have to make is the visitors center and museum on Oak Street which used to be the Silver Spur Saloon. New things and artifacts are always coming in, so you mustn’t miss it.

The Cinnamon Creek Ranch isn’t about cows or horses or even ranching. It’s about archery. That’s right, bows and arrows. The ranch offers three indoor and two outdoor shooting ranges plus many more 3D ranges. So saddle up and let’s see how you shoot!

You step into Hawiian Falls in Roanoke TX, knowing it’s a waterpark but not understanding what Hawaii has to do with it. Then you see the kids tumbling in rafts, competing with other kids to win a race, and having fun all over the place. Yup, you’re in the right place.

Let’s say you came to the Lone Star State to see a real ranch. Not to worry, the J Ranch offers visitors the quintessential ranch experience. The lessons and camp are for beginners as well as for veteran riders. You’ll learn to saddle your animal, rub him down after a ride, feed and care for him. You’ll ride the trails and enjoy the sweet Texas air and sunshine on the back of a beautiful animal. Oh, yes, and don’t forget eating proper western ranch food.

Real Estate

The homes in the city range from mid-century modern to modern with a little Crafstman thrown in along with the American version of a castle for contrast. Prices range from the low $200s to over one million and change. Beds and baths range from two to five bedrooms and two to four and a half baths. There’s a lot of brick and natural stone with exquisite landscaping surrounding houses with one car garages to six car garages. You have a choice between natural stone and hard wood floors, vaulted ceilings, fireplaces, and multiple windows in all the rooms for good natural light. It’s a tough choice, but someone has to make it. Lucky you!

Our Services

Roanoke Property Management

Our property management team specializes in residential areas throughout Roanoke, TX. We offer multiple services to take your rental property and convert it into reliable income. We have a thorough screening process that helps to identify the right tenants for your property. Our team works hard to keep both parties happy through effective communication, bullet proof lease agreements, and timely monthly rent collection. We offer maintenance services to enhance the property and ensure that it will retain or increase in value. We oversee everything, allowing you to sit back and relax and know that your property and your tenants are in good hands. Contact us today if you are ready to receive a comprehensive analysis of your rental property and to inquire about our Roanoke area property management services.